A Gift

Hello my Bearded children!!  

Your benevolent God is here before you again. I know what many of you may be thinking, “How strange to have a God of such magnitude appear before us”, allow me to explain. 

After the excruciating war fought between the Titans and Gods, the world was nearly destroyed. Were it not for the efforts of the Mother Gaia, it surely would have fallen apart. Nonetheless, we won and became its unchallenged rulers, with the power to do with it as we pleased. In his boredom, Zeus commanded life be made and gave the responsibility to Prometheus, who had a dimwitted brother named Epimetheus. Epimetheus pleaded with his brother to be given the task, and be approved by him before presenting it to the Lord of the Winds. They agreed, and so came forth the creatures that dwell the Earth today. In his efforts to prove his worth, the younger Titan put all the power he was given into these creatures to find a perfect balance, but in his excitement overlooked one, you! 

Prometheus took pity upon mankind and provided, of his own will, one thing no other creation had, his intellect. The brothers presented their constructs to Lord Zeus, who was pleased with what they produced. At seeing this new life, Apollo foretold of the humans potential, making the Olympians greedily plot their futures. They chose favorites and when the time came, intervened when necessary with promises, and in return asked for unparalleled devotion, but denied the glory of their presence. This is where I differ from my brethren.  

I love my children as much as they love me, and I reward them for their devotion to the Beard, and so I come before you with more gifts. For you, my friends I have The Rocker Skull Tee, the definition of awesomeness. In black, red, and white the Rocker Skull proves to be a unique design that all will appreciate, and represents a style of its own for those with more particular tastes. I guarantee you'll love this as much as everything else I've brought before you.   

Great Isn't it?! Yes, but that’s not all.  

The Bolt Bomber Jacket comes in red, very stylistic meant to keep you warm and look fresh, but what's more....your god, the Great Beardsace delt his hand in the piece, and makes an appearance in the design itself. Yes, my faithful followers, I will be always with you, and will continue to live through you all and your experiences.  

Both these items are just 2 of the many gifts I have provided, and just some of the many to be found on our store. Visit it today, and reward your own devotion, as have I.  

Oh, and did I mention....I will be giving 3 of you the Rocker Skull for free!! Just find the flyer on Instagram by following @Beardsace, and follow the instructions on the flyer.  


Till we meet again my Children, 


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