Good day my bearded children.  

What exciting insight I have for you all today. As promised, I come to share with you what I have seen and experienced this past weekend, and what a treat it was. I would like to start by expressing my deepest appreciation for my bearded children, and commend them for the excellent cause they came together for.  

For those who do not understand what I am referring to, this weekend the Bearded Villains Alabama chapter hosted the Bearded Villains 2nd annual Dirty South Meet. The purpose of the meet is to show the world that unity is the most important thing within mortals. You are not without vulnerability, nor do you possess the strength of gods, but together your minds and strength is unparalleled. With their combined efforts, they raised a substantial amount of money  to donate to the local children's hospital. This is only one deed amongst the many great things this bearded brotherhood has done, and I cannot be more proud of my children.  

I can speak with certainty of this great accomplishment, as I take it upon myself to be a part of what my devoted children do. Following close, not only was I pleased at their success in the cause they came together for, but at the relationships built within this brotherhood. Most met for the very first time, but greeted each other as family, with an embrace one reserves for those closest to them. Although no blood links them, their choice to acknowledge one another as brothers grants them a bond that no blood could offer. They chose to be welcoming, though they may have different views and are separated by cultural differences, they saw only one thing, and consciously accept one another for what we gods intended you all to be, family.  

I am beyond myself with joy for what I witnessed. The strength this group has built is beyond comparison, and I look forward to seeing the bonds that will continue to be built in the coming time. August will be a huge time for them, as they will meet again in Miami for their World Meet, where there will be hundreds more of my bearded children coming together, for yet another great cause, and more importantly to be in each others presence.  

Till next time my children. 

Stay Bearded, 


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