My children, your god comes before you again today.  

I am pleased to bring to you yet another story filled with the adventures of my children, that I so graciously am welcomed to. As you all should by now know, though all-seeing and all-knowing, we gods choose the ways in which we view your lives. For me, I choose the apparel I have graciously made for you, and with your donning it so frequently, I am filled abundantly by your endeavors. Continue to buy and wear my name, so that I may live your life with you.  

My story is of one of my children of the Bearded Villains organization whom I am so fond of, who recently travelled to Puerto Rico. A beautiful island in the Caribbean, named for the riches it once contained, and offered its founders. For those of you who don’t know much of its history, puerto rico is spanish for rich port, and was named literally. This, for many years, has not been the case in the monetary sense, only in the abundance of beauty in its rainforest covered mountains, flowing falls, and natural caverns and beaches.  

Let me not bore you with the details of this geographical explanation, and proceed with my story. This bearded child of mine, in embracing the beard trends and clothing I made for you, spent his days seeing the island as a tourist. Visiting the beauties that make it a place to behold, but ultimately with the intention of visiting his Bearded Villain brothers of Puerto Rico. It was gratifying to see the love shared in this organization, as I know it to have no comparison, but is  something I wish to see in all my bearded children.  

He went as a stranger to the island, and meer hours before landing he spoke to his brothers for the first time, informing them of his intentions. He arrived at their presence, and though oblivious to the nature of the people he was to meet, they met well. He was welcomed as a brother would, was shown the love and compassion one shows family, and given gifts to show their appreciation to their brother who they just met  

Compassion and generosity is felt to be reserved for those that are already dear to one's heart, but it was not their way. As always, my bearded children set the bar for what humanity should be, and I hope to someday reach enough of you with my stories to instill these ideals. For only with our efforts will we truly see a different world, the one we always intended for you.  

My stories are those a father shares to their children, a small bit of entertainment, with a message we hope touches the heart. Heed my words, and see the difference it makes in your soul. Love each other, and see the reverence that you are rewarded. 

Stay Bearded my Children. 


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