My beautifully bearded children, greetings from your beloved god.  

Many times I have spoken to you of the arrogance of the gods, and their unforgiving tempers. Abundantly, stories have been shared about their remorseless proceedings and punishments laid upon all. Whether immortal, human or animal was of no consequence, for the gods vengeance was to be feared and respected by all living. Even we gods feared the anger of the father god, and his own pride.  

Now, not all the gods were unforgiving. Many, such as myself, have always felt the will of our children was their own, and their lives should be lived as they feel necessary, and intervention was at their request, not purely out of our selfish needs. But what is free will? To do as you please, and move your life in the direction you feel fit. To speak and live freely despite the rules laid down for one to obediently follow. I will be the first to confess, I feel rules are important to have, for they are what guidelines allow a modicum of balance in this chaotic universe we thrive in. But how free are we really. 

We gods are the creators and the rulers of this life and world you know, but even we have a point of origin. Some of my brethren know this, but felt their power was above the truth. As I have taught in prior entries, the first in existence and creator of all was Chaos himself. Now I feel that name alone says all you should know, but let me not leave you there so simply, and take another step into my point. Where the father of all is Chaos, even he  has his own fate. What is fate? In the stories of old, a life string was the entirety of ones life written on a single thread. This implies one simple truth, your life is written prior to your existence. How is this possible? In the life string of your parents, it is written that you will be birthed by them, named as you are by them, and cared for by them until such time as your life can truly become your own. This, in other context can also be the tree of life, which states that all life stems from one seed, and flourishes into a glorious tree that encroaches through time, starting with chaos itself.  

One thing most do not know, is that we Gods also stem from this tree, and like yourself, we also have our fate written for us. What is meant to be will be, and you will make choices in your life that will ultimately lead you to your fate, and what is yours to have. As living beings, we all have desires, and some seem out of reach so we choose not to fight for them, when in fact they are already yours to have. The lesson being taught to you now is does not know what their fate is, but how and when one's fate appears to them  is determined by how they choose to accept it, and a person who pushes their destiny away out of complacency and determination to disregard it, are those who receive what they cannot handle and ultimately are blinded to its existence. 

Live your life to fulfill your fate my children, and always prepare yourself to receive what is yours to have in its entirety.  


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