Greetings my beautifully bearded children, it is I once again, Beardsace!  

I am sure you all have heard stories of the great King of Ithaca, Odysseus and his 10 year long journey home. After the fall of Troy, Odysseus took to the sea where his trials began. The journey home was devastating to many Greeks, leaving a number to meet many trials that delayed their arrival home, or stopped them completely. A lesson to be learned for all listening, as Poseidon rules the sea unchallenged, and is one of the more temperamental of my brethren. You see, the gods always have favorites, and will aid these favorites tremendously, however only a fool will challenge the Sea God in his domain of power. A prayer for a safe voyage, and proper offering feeds the ego far more than a favored son of another, and if no such offering is given, it is a sign of disrespect to enter a Gods territory uninvited. This is one of the lessons taught to Odysseus.  

In his journey, he visited many different Islands, where he was held captive, not only by physical imprisonment, but by the selfish desires of others or the naivety and ignorance of man. In The Island of the Lotus Eaters a group was sent out to meet the Lotus Eaters themselves, where they were treated as guest and given the nectar of the lotus flowers, stripping away their desire for returning home, and keeping them in a dream state. After what he felt was an exaggerated time away, Odysseus was forced to gather his men himself, and only by means of rope were they able to literally pull them out of the island.  

After, they found themselves in the Island of the Cyclops, where they made offerings to the gods and feasted on the treasured sheep of the Cyclops Polyphemus, who trapped them in his cave and ate Odysseus' men in twos, until The King of Ithaca devised a plan of escape, leaving the cyclops blind and sheepless on his island. His mistake was in his arrogance and bolstering, he further upset Polyphemus leading to the cyclops cursing his name, making his journey even longer.  

Next, they went to the island of Aeolus(the Wind God), where as a gift he gave him a bag which contained winds that he was not to open till he arrived back home to Ithaca. His men's greed and curiosity led them to open the bag, letting out a storm , eventually dissipating and stranding them in the land of the Laestrygonians, where 11 of the fleets ships were smashed into driftwood. Next came Aeaea, one of the more recognized parts is this story(you may recall), where Odysseus' men are turned to pigs after partaking in the food and drink offered by Circe. Hermes had visited Odysseus when he ventured to save his men, and with his help was able to repel the drugs, shocking Circe and embedding deep feeling towards him in the process. They struck a deal which freed the Kings men, but forced him to bed her and keep him on the island for all of a year. 

Circe explained to Odysseus that his journey home will be assisted by a man in the Underworld, and only by visiting him, will he learn his way. So they went, and saw the man after making the proper sacrifices, and was able to journey on. Their next trial was at the Sirens island, where their beautiful voices lure in sailors to protruding rocks causing death and destruction. Having been warned, Odysseus plugged his crews ears with bees wax, and has them tie him to the mast, promising not to untie him despite his please. Following the Sirens, came another trail having them coast between two possible, and both disastrous options, death to 6 men, or total destruction of both ship and crew. They went with the former, but by the conniving of Odysseus, tricked the monster by throwing a sheep at it, saving 6 men. 

Time continues to pass, and years drift by, but still Odysseus is far from his arrival home. He went to Helios island, his men angering him by eating the cows he forbade them to harm, causing the God of the skies to bring down a bolt of lightning destroying their ship, killing everyone but Odysseus, the only one to heed the words of the great sun God. He drifted onto Calypsos home, and was kept for another number of years by her, but ultimately being allowed to leave at the approval of Zeus. When the realization came to Poseidon, of what Zeus let happen, he was angered again and let sent a storm to drown fair Odysseus, were it not for Ino veiling him, and leading him to the beaches of Scheria, fortunately being cared for by its king, who heard his story and in pity received gifts from the king and his nobles. Only then, did The King of Ithaca finally see his home.  

The story of Odysseus is a story like no other. It is a story of bravery, and determination. The message I share with you today is that, fight for what you desire, do not lose hope and always continue without fear, for what is yours to have, you will surely attain. Do not lose hope. 

I hope this message finds you well my children, and hope to one day tell your stories as well. My presence is found with those who dawn me. Find me at the shop, in all that I have made for you,  so that I may live freely through you.  


Stay Bearded my children. 


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