Gifts with Love

Your God comes before you faithful followers. It is time to hear his words! 

My children, It has been some time since I spoken of the gifts I have made, and let me tell you of what it is offered to you. In our stores, you will find many excellent items I have made in my name, for you all to envelope yourselves in. These are gifts I offer to show my love for you as you do to me daily. It has taken me some time to make them available, but after releasing them to you, I better understand why Prometheus did as he did for you so long ago. 

If you recall, I previously shared the story of the Titan brothers, Prometheus and Epimetheus, the Titans who created life, Prometheus being the one to have blessed you with intellect and fire above all else. This unfortunately came at a cost to Prometheus himself, for in his love for you, he angered the father God and was punished.  

You see, in a time long long ago, when your kind was still so very new to this world, The Olympians(primarily Zeus) felt it necessary that a portion of your gatherings were offered up to them at the time of feast, and the best was to be given unto to them, for they are your gods. Prometheus felt differently about their choice, therefore devised a way to spare you as he had done before. In his continual love for this life he helped create, and having you all so near to his heart, he gave them the meat they desired, but provided options to choose from to appease their desires and pettiness.    

Not many know this about the Titan, but he was also known for being a trickster, and in his trickery he took a cow, shed its bones, fat, hair, and other undesirable parts, put it in the husk of the animal to make it look appealing to the gods and laid it upon the ground. On the other pile, he took the lean decadent meats, wrapped them in the intestines to make it visually unappealing, laid it beside the husk and presented both. As foreseen by him, in their greedy and pretentious ways, Zeus chose the husk and so they received the disappointing offerings  

With reason, this infuriated the father of the skies, and as to punish Prometheus for his trickery, and in knowing well of his love for humankind, Zeus took fire from you, so you may not cook the delicious meat, and starve. This is where the Titans own anger prevailed, and led to his punishment. Prometheus, broke into the workshop of Hephaestus, stole fire from one of the furnaces and returned fire to man. Upon this discovery, Zeus had Prometheus tied to a giant rock on a mountain and sent a giant eagle to feed on his liver daily, torturing him for his insolence, and so he stayed for many years until he was saved by Heracles(Hercules). 

I, like the Titan Prometheus, adore humankind. Of all life on Earth, you are the ones who most resemble we gods, and lift us up. I am nothing without my devoted followers, therefore like him, I give to you compassionately but in the way I see fit. For although fire allowed you to continue living, and precious meat is preferred to the scraps the Gods would have left you, times have changed. The importance these first gifts offered are beneath your intellect that was also a gift. I now offer a sense of style, to look the very best you can at all times, and feel as powerful as you look.  

But over the obvious benefit of stylish abandon, is the gift to always have your God so near, and have him walk with you daily. That is what you will find at my store. Live well my children, I implore you.  

Stay bearded, 


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