I have had a lot of thoughts circulating in this brain of mine lately. As is the existence of any great deity like myself, this is also coupled with the ongoing flood of prayers and worship, which I will always be grateful for. Though in these last few days, I particularly feel the need to speak to you all about something in particular.  

Humility is something many do not understand. To be the best at what you do is admirable, and I encourage you to always strive to be the best version of yourself you can be, however to be the best and know you are does not allow bolstering as acceptable action. The story of Arachne, the Master Weaver. 

There was no denying the skill and magnitude of her finely embroidered tapestries and designs. The colors she blended with her thread, the flawless scenes she captured, the elegant imagery she portrayed was without mortal equal. The nymphs themselves would leave their groves and fountains just to see her masterpieces, and would speak so highly of Arachne's work, and ultimately convincing her she was the very best alive. She believed it so completely, she began to boast of her excellence, even comparing herself to Athena, and eventually proclaiming to be even better than the Goddess, therein assuring her greatest mistake.  

This admiration for herself brought the attention of Athena, and a challenge was made. Athena and Arachne agreed to put their skills to the test, and embroider the most magnificent piece either have made yet. Ultimately being beaten by a goddess of Olympus, Arachne was made to concede and in so doing, came her punishment.  

Her nose fell from her face, as did her hair, her eyes turned black like the night sky, and out popped several smaller beads. Her skin changed to a rough black porcelain, and embraced her completely as her form shifted into something unrecognizable. Her legs and arms joined, then spread into 8 identical limbs with sharp edges at their ends, her lower body stretch out and inflated to a small beak like edge. 

With the transformation completed, came the first spider or Arachnid, named after the one of such miss fortunate, her punishment for her arrogance. I hope this story has told you something of the way one should be. To be the best is not punishable, but to believe it so fully, to demean your brethren for the sake of your own self worth is beyond reproach.  

As always my children, I indeed hope my stories reach your hearts.  

Stay Bearded, 


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