Love and Hate...

Good Day my bearded ones! I hope you all are well this day.  

Today I will share with you some thoughts shared to me by one of my bearded children. It is something that may be in some of your minds, but may not be understood by all. The subject of Love and Hate!  

"What is Love?  

The feeling in ones heart, the breath stripped from your lungs, your knees buckling at a thought. 

Love is like nothing one can explain, but feel. It is the overwhelming desire to please, it is what allows us to overcome obstacles without regard to oneself.  
Through love, wars have been waged. In stories of Myth, many have died for the sake of love. Proving that love has no conscience, further contributing to its greed.  

 What is Hate? 

One of the most powerful emotions one can feel. A blister in the side of ones judgment. Fury and Wrath being the guide to ones actions. To feel hate is to feel nothing but the longing for another's suffering. To be betrayed and done wrong brings forth the demon which feels no compassion. To simply be sated by the thoughts of another's anguish. 

 A thought: 

To Hate is to be immoral. To no feel and simply act from ones rage. Where as Love is passion. Thought both can be the cause for war, the outcome from either can be completely opposing. A victory for Love satisfies in a way that soothingly stirs the soul. To win a battle driven by Hate, is to simply sate the vengeance you felt, only to be followed by remorse once the storm is settled. So who is truly the victor?" 

 These are opposing concepts, Love and Hate. They can cause destruction and though can oppose one another, can also fuel one another. The most common factor in both, is Passion. Simply put, as beings of life; we are driven by emotions, and our passion for the things we surround ourselves with. It is your choice as a person to identify which path is best suited for you.  

 I choose to Love, as I love all my children and followers.  

Stay Bearded my friends.   


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