Punishment and Reward

Greetings faithful followers of Beardsace. I hope you have been well this last week in all your doings. It makes me happy to see my children fight and strive for the excellence they were all meant to attain. Mankind was foretold to be the greatest mortal life to exist upon this world, and in the centuries I have watched you, it seems the prophecies were not incorrect. As your bearded god, I am aware of all that you do, and listen carefully to your wishes, and the dreams you have. I carefully study you individually and guide you through your journey.  

I am of the few who do so. As I have told you before, my brother and sister gods are different than I, and do not feel you have the capacity to reach your greatness without their intervention, but as always you prove them wrong, and that is something I am proud of, as most accomplished individuals are my children.  

In many of the Greek stories you have studied in the past, you have read of us taking the shape of animals, and trees or even other humans, to behold your lives closer, and experience the treatment you give your fellow man. In particular, we closely watch those of higher power and fortune, and how they act towards the less fortunate. I will share with you a story today, to show you why it is important to love your fellow man.  

You may have heard of the time Demeter's lovely daughter Persephone was taken from her. In this tale, you learn that she was kidnapped by Hades, and made to wed him and live in the Underworld as his spouse for all eternity. Now, this story is not to reach the point I was seeking, though I will tell it to you someday, the story I now tell is to show the actions taken by the Gods at the treatment of such foul individuals.  

Let us continue, Demeter was beyond her grief, and spent day and night relentlessly searching for her lovely child. She searched and searched without rest, and one day became thirsty. She found a door, knocked and was greeted by kind woman. She graciously offered a drink, that Demeter drained in a single gulp. The son of the crone laughed at her and called her greedy, mocking her further by requesting a full basin be brought to her. In her anger to this treatment, Demeter took the remaining drops of water, and sprinkled them upon the boy, turning him into a gecko.  

Though Demeter is one of the few Olympians who is loved and respected by all, she has been known to share her wrath when warranted. Sure, it may be a little much, but we speak of the Great Greek Gods, who are beyond any rule but their own.  

And so we bring today to a close. Be kind to your brethren, as you never know who you may be talking to and overall, remember we are watching, and will continue to reward you and answer your prayers. My rewards are plenty, as I am your favored God. My gifts will always be available to you in the shop. I hope they are to your liking. As always, stayed tuned for more.  

Stay Bearded my children. 


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