I have been asked many questions regarding my followers in the time of my existence. Some are asked of my brethren, my fellow Gods reigning on Olympus, but most come from the children bread to bear beards in my glory. You see, as I mentioned in my last entry, the other Olympians are beyond their arrogance, and refuse to show themselves to you as do I. They care not to be a part of your accomplishments, only claim credit from a distance to suggest they were the ones who allowed you success. I say shame to them, as they will never truly be loved as you all adore me, Beardsace! 

So what question is it, asked?  "Why do you treat us with such kindness?"  

The answer is simple, but I will tell you a story instead. Amongst my many children, there is one group in particular I hold dear to my heart. They are known across the world as The Bearded Villains, and in particular, today I will speak to you of the Miami Chapter, known across the world as BV305. Before you place judgement, understand who these fine gentlemen are. Granted, having the word "Villain" in ones title does not necessarily make them the object of your desire, however there lies the irony. The purpose of this club is to unite my bearded children, and to demonstrate that the beard is not something one should fear. They have come together with the purpose of changing how others view the bearded.  

The faithful men of this group are more than just a brotherhood, this is indeed to my pleasure, they are also extremely passionate people, not just for the incredible facial growth I have allowed them, but for the betterment of their community. They recently took it upon themselves to participate in a beautification project at a local Middle School in their town. The beautification project was for Brownsville Middle School in Miami. My young worshippers graced this campus with their hard work, with freshly painted walls, landscaping, and relieving the property of its trash. This was the second time this was done by BV305, and a very proud moment for me, as my name only grows with their recognition.  

To BV305, I salute your excellence and thank you for holding my name high.  

I am elated at the following I have, and as always reward my children accordingly. But I am not without concern for those not bearded, therefore make it a point to help others in need. Recently, I have personally sponsored The Community Challenge Project, a cause meant to feed those less fortunate, and with my efforts and that of a half dozen other sponsors, were successful in this deed, as many ate that day.  

It is important that we continue to do this for our communities, and ensure those less fortunate are aware of the love we can provide. For even Gods understand the importance in the happiness of their children. 

Till next time. 


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