The Affect on Man

Good Day my loved ones.  

It is time for yet another post for my loving followers to read. Yet another opportunity for  my children to stew in the knowledge of their god, and the experiences he wishes to share as of course, there is so much I see and involve myself in. One must choose the importance of which endeavors he chooses to put most emphasis on. For my children, I only wish to share the very best. Let us once again focus on the efforts of man, to make their home the best it can possibly be. 

This past weekend, my children made me proud as they have so often. Their continuous attempts at the happiness of his fellow man is again a priority. Of course I speak of the Miami Bearded Villains(BV305). They took it upon themselves to reach out to the veterans at the Carrfour Supportive Housing - Harding Village. These generously bearded gentlemen provided plenty of great gifts to these less fortunate, in the form of shampoos, soaps, deodorant, toothpaste and grooming products, which were contributed by Azbane and Original Bar Bam. These two great companies have made efforts in assisting the selfless efforts of BV305, and are recognized for their greatness. My children are truly unlike any others, and I cannot be more proud.  

One knows not the effect that such small gestures make on the life of another in need. The life they are left to live due to unfortunate circumstances out of their control, leads one's sense of self worth in a poor state. They feel as they mean nothing to anyone or themselves, most live in their sorrow, and think thoughts that are not in their best interest. Therefore, a kind act, a simple gesture, a friendly all goes a long way to one in such emotional and mental turmoil. Consider this always my friends, and allow yourself the opportunity to change another's life. 

For their consideration to their neighbors, I congratulate my boys in BV305, and hope they continue their efforts further in the betterment of their city.  


Till next time my children.  


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