Hello my children, your God has arrived.  

This month has been an eventful one to say the least. With lots of activities and still some to come. Many of you have had the opportunity to enjoy Miami Music Week, and all its festivities. For those who are not familiar with this event, it is held annually in Miami, stemming from Ultra Music Festival.  

Ultra Music Festival is an electronic music festival that began in 1999, by founders Russell Faibisch and Alex Omes. Incredibly so, this is an outdoor extravaganza that has been held in Bayfront Park in beautiful Downtown Miami. It stretches over 3 days in the month of March, and is the "go to event" for the electronic music lover, as many genres, and stages occupy this grand venue. 

As if that alone wasn’t enough, Miami is infamous for its seemingly never ending nightlife, with their countless after parties, and what they have come to call "after hours" parties, that stretch well into the night, and sometimes into the morning. Night clubs, rooftops, patios, party boats full to the brim with ethnic diversity like you’ve never seen. A simple purpose bringing all my children together, and it is simply the love for music and a good time. You all know, from reading my prior entries, that I look to unite my devoted followers at every opportunity, therefore I support this event immensely and am ecstatic to see its progress and continuity.  

I would like to speak further into unity, and tell you about another event that has yet to happen. You all know of the Bearded Villains who are so dear to me. Not to say I do not love you all, however they hold a special part of my heart for all that they represent. Well, this weekend March 31st – April 1st, the Bearded Villains are holding their Dirty South Meet, which is simply another step towards their continuous efforts at unity within their organization, and their continued efforts to strengthen their communities. This meet is held for the southern states of the US, and calls them together with the purpose of strengthening relationships. I will of course be attending, and looking forward to my children's doings. 

Look for future entries that will fill you in on the details. Till next time my lovely devotees. 

Stay Bearded! 


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