About US

Beardsace Cartel is a luxury brand that represents the beard culture through clothing and accessories. While some think beards are just a trend, it’s been a growing lifestyle since days of old, and it’s here to stay.  We realized the beard has been overlooked for too long. Well the wait is over, the beard has finally got a champion brand of its own!  Designed and inspired for the beard, by the beard, Beardsace Cartel represents the love and expression of the beard; whether you have one, love one, envy one, trying to grow one or just fascinated by one.  In 2013, Beardsace started as an idea, the demand and popularity grew in such a short period, that it had to be expanded into a full line of clothing and accessories. Beardsace Cartel is the standard fashion for the bearded culture that appeals to men, women and children.

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